Television viewing is an absorbing job:

There are times when you are so overworked that you have no aptitude to actually follow the television schedule and the chances are pretty high that you would miss out on a real good show and end up watching a half baked one without having any interest whatsoever in it and in the bargain wasting a hell lot of time too.

Who checks out the newspapers nowadays?

Gone are the days when the family would pour over the newspaper making earmarks on the programs that each member would like to watch in a different colour. In some homes, they used to allot a space on the wall near the television set where they would pin up the cut out from the newspaper for easy and regular reckoning.

Newspapers, do not rule the roost anymore, so, what next?

For the new age tech-junkies, we bring you the latest way to check your preferences on the tube. Apart from the programs on the cable network, the mobile application also comprehensibly covers net series and you tube videos that the user subscribes to.

The application is web based:

The best part about our entertainment scheduler application is that it is completely web based and that means that you will not need to download it into your smart phone or device but you could access it directly n the World Wide Web using your unique Personal Identification Number (PIN)

The application is compatible with both Android and Apple software and it has received rave reviews from people who have used it and found it extremely useful.

Reminder facility:

One more lovely feature of the application is that you can set reminders for your favorite shows and the application will send you a notification on your most checked app on your device either WhatsApp, messaging or facebook to remind you one hour in advance that your show is about to start.

Enjoy it

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